Natural Medicine is a vital privilege for man and plant survival

Going back to History, prior to the production of tablets; natural medicine has been an essential means of healing and survival for Africans. This is because of the power in the elements they carry

Tradition medicine (TM) –these are internal traditional herbal medicines produced within the country based on theories, beliefs, and experiences to different cultures whether explicable or not used in the maintenance of health as well as prevention, diagnosis and improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness
As said by Matthews Jujuman Mpofu, A Scope Facilitator, Herbal and Permaculure practitioner based in Malawi druing the Anamed Herbal Practice and Training Course Held on the 14 to 17 of July 2023 at Scope Zimbabwe Chitubu EcoVilage.

Natural herbs are a very good nutritional booster to body health for instance the moringa. They carry an antibiotic to fight pyrogens, are antiseptic against attack within the digestion systems such as guava, yarrow, rosemary. When in a position of depression or stress one can take anti-depressant fruits / foods like ground nuts and granadilla as a natural way to combat .

Scope Malawi Herbal and Permaculture facilitator Matthews Jujuman Showing land preparation approach during July 2023 Anamed training course
Scope project focal persons, Identifying herbs during anamed course in July 2023
Practising and growing natural medicine saves plants from pest attacks thus enriching the soil through diversification.

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