Sustainable lifestyles Learning Centre Support

The project supports the development of the Demo center named Chitubu/ Exaphozini which means ‘spring’ in our native languages. Here various workshops and activities take place in enhancing and teaching sustainable lifestyles. The project promotes sustainable lifestyles trough the use of various methods which involve permaculture and agroecology principles.

About The Project

The center aims to be a model in sustainable living and we take pride in advocating for holistic health and providing environmental education. The project focuses on the following activities which are being carried out:

    1. Practical Permaculture Design Course for Educators
    2. Annual holiday camps and cultural festivals for children and youth
    3. Follow up training sessions on food processing and action for natural medicine.
    4. Celebrations of local and international environmental and cultural days.
    5. Earth building workshop
    6. The Youth Camp and Kids Camp
    7. Action for Natural Medicine (ANAMED) Workshop
    8. Annual Champions Gathering
Schools and Colleges Permaculture (SCOPE) Zimbabwe is a non-profit making organisation registered as an independent Trust (MA080/2015).
4 Dovedale Road, Mt Hampden, Harare.
SCOPE’s origins are in assisting schools to redesign and rationalize land use for sustainable resource use.

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